I - Days when you can meditate to activate the Golden Flame remotely and to bless the lotus printed from this web site

To be done at least once.

  Sundays from 10hAM to 11hAM  (french time)

November 19, 2017 / january 14, 2018 / april 8, 2018 / june 3, 2018

II - Christ prayer and lotus

At this stage, you will need the lotus and the prayer (see “Receipt” to get them). Given for free.

Look for a very transparent container that will fit on the lotus to protect them.

The prayer must be recited every day, at the same time if possible. The best time for meditation is before 8 AM or after 8:45 PM, when the human mind is at peace. This prayer shall be recited every day until the illumination process is achieved.

How to proceed:

-          Place the lotus in the spot you have chosen (its symbolic and its colour are important for the initiation you will receive from Christ Himself). Place the translucent container on the lotus.

-          Light a tea light candle and place it in the transparent container, in the lotus. Let the candle consume until it’s done and change it every day.

-          Make yourself comfortable (standing or seated), with your back straight,

-          Relax, make a few abdominal breathings to quiet your mind down,

-          Recite the ACTIVATION PRAYER OF CHRIST’S GOLD FLAME out loud, following the pink notes on the left. First, to bless the printed lotus, check the dates in paragraph II .

-          At the end of the prayer, continue meditating for 10-15 min (or more) as you can, join your hands in prayer, on the breast, the adequate position to receive the Energy of activation in your heart. Christ Himself will initiate you and help you a little bit further every day on the illumination path.

-          Express your thankfulness, and let the candle burn until the end.

-          Recite the prayer every day until the complete illumination of your Being. Be patient, when it will be done you will know…

If one day you haven’t got enough time to pray, connect yourself to the Cosmic Christ and say:


“O Beloved Christ,

Everywhere the ill-being reigns,

Install the infinite Presence of your Love

Lord, lay in my heart and all my being all your Love”