Beyond any dogma or religion

The association "Golden Flame" is a group

of volunteers serving the Earth, and offering each human

being to receive an initiation directly from Cosmic Christ

through a prayer that He gave to humanity in September 2011.

This prayer came after the Great Invocation.

Today, men are ready for this initiation to activate the Body of Light and help

humanity through this great transformation.

Christ is on earth today, efficient through human beings who have become

Christ-Women and Christ-Men.

As Cosmic Christ has asked, this initiationis is free and

can be accomplished remotely.

- See the page Initiation for more details

- See the page Receipt for Christ's prayer and for the lotus

- See the page Directions of use to know how to process.




Meditation for the activation of the Golden Flame : 

At 10hAM on sundays :

November 19, 2017/ january 14, 2018 / april 8, 2018 / june 3, 2018

 Warning : french time