“Men are ready. The time has now come to light the Christic Flame in the heart of all living beings. It is the end of the age of darkness, and the beginning of the age of Lights.

This divine time is now settling down all over the planet. We are all here to accompany you and to make you live, in the present time, the illumination of your whole Divine Being.

We have come to lift Humanity up to a higher level of Awareness. A level where the Light of the Soul and the Light of the Spirit meet inside each and everyone, to give birth to the Divine spark. This spark is necessary to revive and to light the Being completely.

We are here to enlighten you, to make you see the Age of Lights.

Leave anything that is void behind. Gone are the days when you hung on to your dark past, dare to live differently. Dare to feel the Light of the Spirit live inside you. The light that guides your Being towards the Divine Life that’s settling in you, and around you, as the divine sparks light up the divine hearts of every being on Earth.

Let us all unite in this Unitarian Consciousness that carries the Primordial Essence of the Being with her. The Essence of Eternal Life in which the Universal Flame of Life is born, at the origin of the whole Creation.

Let us be Divine in our every action and, most of all let us feel Love for the whole creation. For a day will come when this love will spread at the speed of light, in the entire cosmos to illuminate the Cosmic Being we all belong to.

This Divine spark, which is at the origin of all creation, will bring to each one of us what we need to restore the connection we lost eons ago. This connection we will all regain and will spread all around us.

Live this divine moment, connect yourself to the Flame of your heart to establish the Being’s revitalization process that will then spread at the speed of light in the whole Universe.

Choose a simple and serene life that will inevitably lead you to this City of Light.

Then, wait a moment to live the Divine Life on Earth.”

                                                                                                          The Escapade of Christ

                                                           Message received the 30th of October 2011

 Note: the word “City” is meant for the “Heavenly Jerusalem”, the city of Light. To learn some more, please read the last chapter of the Bible: “The Apocalypse of John” in “More information”.

The Christ that we refer to here is the “Cosmic Christ”, He who activates the individual Christic Being inside each living being of the whole Creation.

This initiation is meant for all human beings regardless of their personnel beliefs.

Christ is beyond all dogma or religion. Men created religions, not Christ. And so, The Cosmic Christ, Master of all prophets of the earth, and even more, is neither Christian, nor Hindu, nor Muslim, nor Buddhist… He is the Light of the World (as he said himself).

The Cosmic Christ is neither male nor female, he is both: androgynous, he is in a perfect balance between female and male energies. Therefore, he can be received by men as well as by women to activate, with this prayer, the flame of the “inside Christ” in everyone.

This is the GOOD NEWS. The GREAT DISCLOSURE that Jesus, after he became Jesus-Christ, announced to the world.

The Cosmic Christ gave the prayer “Activation of Christ's Golden Flame” during a meditation. He asked for it to be communicated to the largest number of humans for the whole humanity to lighten up their Inside Christ Golden Flame in their heart. This prayer is a gift to each and every one, to help accelerate the evolution of humanity, which is going through a lot of suffering. And so it doesn’t matter if you are atheist, or religious, no matter which religion, the prayer is meant for every human being on Earth.

The flame of a candle must be lit inside a lotus (white and golden) while reading this prayer, to activate Christ's Golden Flame in the heart of human soul. Indeed, the lotus represents the female side and the flame the male side, the Union of the Soul (female, white fire: white lotus) and the Spirit (male, golden fire: candle flame).

He asked for everything to be blessed and then given for free: the prayer, the lotus shaped candlestick, and the activation process.

Christ will activate the flame of the Spirit in everyone’s Soul, to illuminate the “SON OF GOD” as said in the Bible

And so, the “SON OF MAN” is the Inside Christ, connected to the Cosmic Christ, who is the emanation of the Universal Consciousness-Energy, also called God, Allah, Shiva… depending on the word one uses. The “Son of Man” is the Body of Light, the Body of Eternal Life, the one inside which Jesus, after activating his “Christic Body”, appeared to the apostles. He was in his “Christis Body”, or “Body of Light” or again “Body of Eternal Life”. It is also called “Body of Glory”, “Psychic Being” by Sri Aurobindo...

This is how Jesus became Jesus-Christ and showed men the way, and said:

“I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life”. With this parable, he has invited humanity to do the same.

The time has come. It is time for DISCLOSURE: the Apocalypse of John…

May the love of Christ be with you all along to bring you His Joy, His Peace, His Unlimited Love: ingredients necessary to the growth of the Infant Christ inside the human soul.